1 Corinthians 10:1-21

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Many Christians like to discount the Old Testament as passé and unimportant to the Christian, but in the book of Corinthians the 10th chapter the Apostle Paul is informing the Christian of the importance of understanding the Old Testament. Here he shows us how the typical Israelite during the time of the Exodus pictures us. How they were baptized under the cloud and ate manna and were given water to drink under the direction of Moses, a great than Moses is here and we are given spiritual food and water by Christ. We as Christians also have the tendency to murmur and complain against the Lord. Just as God was displeased with Israel for that, H will likewise be wroth with us for our lack of appreciation of all that He has given to us. Let us not fall into the same temptations that natural Israel did. Next Paul explains the spiritual significance of the Passover and the emblems of the bread and the wine and our participation in Christ’s sufferings.

By Br. Frank Shallieu, given April 6, 1986

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