Baptism – John’s vs. Jesus’

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John’s baptism is a baptism unto repentance only, but the Baptism of Jesus, which he instituted at the beginning of his ministry is a very comprehensive baptism. It’s the baptism: of repentance, of the holy Spirit, unto death, by the holy Spirit, of fire, for the dead. Here Br. Frank takes a look at Baptism in all its aspects. Its important for all Christians to understand baptism, as Jesus was baptized himself and had all his followers baptized into this new baptism. Over and over again the Apostles told believers to be baptized. Water immersion is only the beginning of our baptism. Jesus said to John and James are you able to be baptized with the baptisms that I am baptized with, showing it’s progressive.

A detailed look at Baptism, John’s and Jesus’ Given by Br. Frank Shallieu, December 4, 1983

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