Ecclesiastes Chapters 1 & 2 Part 1 of 4

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Click here to listen: Ecclesiastes-1-2-part-1-of-4-may-3-1992

King Solomon the wisest man in all the earth or at least in his day wasted his entire life in the pursuit of knowledge only to find out in the end it was a big waste of time. “There is nothing new under the sun and all is vanity!” The book of Ecclesiastes is a book of repentance from the wisest man to hopefully keep others from the wrong path that he followed. If knowledge isn’t used constructively and in the service of God it is all a waste of time and profits no one. David probably a wiser than Solomon didn’t spend his time on mere knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but on God and in God’s service. Though Solomon was credited for the Temple, it was David who designed and provided most of the materials for it, it was his dream his goal.

Bible Study- given May 3 1992 by Br. Frank Shallieu

King Solomon

King Solomon

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