Jesus’ Sufferings

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Jesus after scourging

Jesus after scourging

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Jesus as the great “corresponding price” the Ransom, had to take the sinners place. He had to experience what Father Adam experienced. Just as Adam felt shame and hid behind the tree, our Lord had to feel that shame and was disgracefully exposed in front of the tree. Adam was born the King of humanity, but lost that crown and was cursed with thorns and thistles. Likewise Jesus who is our king and was the King of the Jews was robed in kingly apparel in his last moments and crowned with the cursed thorns. Both betrayals took place in a garden and Satan was behind both. All these instances and more come to mind when we take time to consider the price the Lord paid at Calvary.

Memorial thoughts given at the Groton, CT convention March 29, 1998.

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