Scriptural Forgiveness

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The Wicked Servant

The Wicked Servant

The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. When it comes to forgiveness of one another we need not rely on our own understanding, God knows we might have the tendency to try to justify sin in others to cover our own behavior, or we might have the tendency to be unmerciful, thankfully He spells out how we are to forgive. Jesus gives us the steps of forgiveness of trespasses against us, as we have no business in forgiving sins against other people or against God. Scriptures show the responsibility of each individual to go to the one who has offended them and tell them. Scriptures show the responsibility of “marking” and “avoiding” ones who cause disturbances. Scriptures show the responsibility of the teachers (elders) of rebuking, reproving and exhorting each of the congregation when occasion arises, and to do so publicly if the matter calls for it. So in studying the Scriptural guides of Forgiveness we see how our hearts must be right before God if we are going to be strong enough to follow the course He has set before us.

Talk at a convention in 1988

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