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The Lord’s Memorial

“Do this in remembrance of Me.” We as Christians call this occasion the Memorial. We set aside one day a year the 14th of Nisan the anniversary of our Lord’s death and partake of the “bread” [Our Lord’s body broken for us] and the wine [Our Lord’s blood shed as the Ransom]. We observe this night on its anniversary and not on a daily or weekly routine which tends to make it all too common place.

This observance was on April 18, 1989. Br. Frank Shallieu gives a discourse on John the 13th chapter and covers the emotion of that night during the supper and feet washing and the Apostle Peter as well as the other Apostles. Then the service concludes with Br. Russell Shallieu expounding on the emblems [Bread and the Wine] and Jesus’ request to do this in “Remembrance of Me.”

The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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