The Ox that was Want to Push

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The Ox that was Want to Push

Br. Frank gives a New Years’ discourse in 1995, where he first gives Christian lessons on the Hymn “As with Gladness Men of Old”. He takes lessons from the 3 wise men and their journey and hope centered in finding the Messiah as the end of the Star.

Then the discourse turns to Deuteronomy the account of the Ox. He likens the Ox (as the Apostle Paul did to the Christian), and the ramifications and implications of the behavioral problems that the ox in the account exhibits and how it relates to the Christian as New Creatures and with their “Old Man.” God is the same yesterday and today, His laws do not change. Though the Christian is not under the Mosaic Law, there is still a great benefit for the Christian to understand God’s thinking and lessons on these matters.

ox Click here to listen: The Ox that was Want to Push

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