What is Adam’s Condition?

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What is Adam’s Condition?

Dear Friends,

It is over twenty-three years since the Lord opened my eyes to see the beauties of the great Plan of Salvation, and each year of that period has surpassed the preceding one in the preciousness of the Truth of God.

During that time every experience has emphasized the fact that our understanding of the Divine purpose is irrefutably correct, and I write to tell you of a little conversation between one of the Brethren and a gentleman who takes a leading part in Sunday School work in his neighborhood, which well illustrates the confusion of those who follow the creeds of men instead of the Word of God.

They were discussing the state of the dead, the denominationalist arguing that at the moment of death everyone went either to a heaven of bliss or to a hell of torment, while our Brother insisted that the Bible taught the dead were dead until the time for the awakening at the Second Coming of Christ.

Brother W. said, “Now there was Adam, where do you suppose he went at the time of his death?”

Mr. A. replied, “Adam did not do anything very heinous, and even after he was driven out of the Garden of Eden he seemed to long for fellowship with God; so I presume he went to heaven when he died.”

The Brother said, “But look here, Adam was the one who got all the rest of us in trouble by his disobedience. As St. Paul says, ‘By the disobedience of one, judgment came upon all men unto condemnation,’ and according to your view this means that Adam’s sin was the thing which started millions of the race on the road which will terminate in an eternity of torture; and yet Adam, the one who helped to send them there, is to go to heaven.”

Mr. A. said, “That is so, isn’t it? I never thought of that before. Surely Adam could not go to heaven after that. My statement was incorrect; Adam must have gone to hell when he died.”

Brother W. said, “But see what that involves you in. Adam merely ate some forbidden fruit, and all have done as bad things as that. So if God sentenced Adam to such an awful eternity for such a little thing, what hope can the rest of us have?”

The gentleman answered this with, “That’s so, that’s so. My first answer was right, Adam surely went to heaven.”

Our Brother replied, “If that is true then it involves you in a greater absurdity than before. Had Adam been obedient he would have dwelt forever in that perfect Paradise, the Garden of Eden, but now he had disobeyed and must die, and in consequence of his sin he was to get something far better than he ever would have had by obedience.”

Our friend in his confusion tried to correct himself again saying, “That couldn’t be; that would be inconsistent; Adam must have gone to hell–that’s the correct thought.”

Again our Brother had his turn: “But see what this leads to. Thousands of years ago Adam sinned and died, while today men are passing into death who have had far more of the spirit of rebellion in their hearts than Adam ever had; and yet they will have thousands of years less of infernal agony than Adam, who committed such a little sin in comparison. Would that be justice?”

Mr. A. said, “You’ve got me all confused. I do not know where I’m at, and I don’t know where Adam’s at either.”

How well this brings home to our hearts the fact that while the Truth is “clear as crystal,” the error is “clear as mud”! I do not like to use an undignified expression like the last, but it takes an undignified statement to describe an undignified system of doctrine. Thanks be to the Lord who has lifted our feet out of the mud and placed them upon the Rock!

With many prayers that the Heavenly Father will continue to use you to His glory to the very end of your course, I remain,

In much Christian love,

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