Question Meeting

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Question Meeting

Two basic questions are discussed:

1) Unto the Jew I am a Jew and unto the Gentiles I am a Gentile: How do we do that without being hypocrites?

2) What does it mean and what are the ways we can grieve the holy Spirit?

When discussing the first question we see the proper understanding of the statement and how it harmonizes with being “wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” We come to realize our role and how we must have and deal with others with love and respect.

Grieving the holy Spirit is a very comprehensive study of which this meeting only touches the surface. We can grieve the Spirit by willfully putting ourselves in situations that would be harmful to the New Creature, or to avoid a situation or confrontation with another Christian because of fear of man, fear of losing that fellowship instead of fear of losing God’s fellowship. Compromising on principle will grieve the holy Spirit as will procrastination and foolish speaking, or any violation of our conscience.

Other questions come up about the High Priest’s breastplate and Tabernacle and so forth.

August 25, 1996

Click here to listen: Grieve not the Holy Spirit & Unto the Jew I became a Jew 8-25-96

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