Mexican Border City Calls for UN Peacekeepers

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Mexican Border City Calls for UN Peacekeepers

November 18, 2009 | From

Just yards away from El Paso, Texas, violence engulfs a city of 1.5 million.

 A Mexican soldier stands guard as seized marijuana and cocaine are incinerated in Ciudad Juarez, November 5.

A Mexican soldier stands guard as seized marijuana and cocaine are incinerated in Ciudad Juarez, November 5.

Mexico’s business leaders are pleading for the United Nations to send peacekeepers to prevent the border city of Ciudad Juarez from falling into complete chaos. Locked in a deadly war with organized crime, the Mexican Army is unable to protect the safety of its citizens. Will El Paso’s sister city be the first domino to fall in a long line of Mexican cities that are teetering on the edge of lawlessness?

Could blue-helmeted soldiers soon be patrolling the U.S. border? For Americans, it may seem ridiculous to think that peacekeepers could be in action so close to home.

Yet if the two leading business groups in the city of Ciudad Juarez have their way, soldiers from India, China or Germany could be billeted just footsteps from one of America’s largest border cities.

“This is a proposal … for international forces to come here to help out the domestic forces,” said Daniel Murguia, president of the Cuidad Juarez chapter of the National Chamber of Commerce, on November 12.

Murguia says the UN has previously intervened in countries that had “a lot fewer problems than we have.” More than 8,500 Mexican troops are currently working with local law enforcement to regain control of the streets. But despite some initial success, crime is now back to pre-deployment numbers.

Almost 2,000 people have been killed so far this year—making the Mexican city the murder capital of the world. This number is amplified by the fact that tortured and mutilated bodies are dumped in the streets alongside victims shot execution style. Kidnappings and extortion are also rife, as is other violent crime. Local businessmen end up supporting the drug cartels by paying protection money. It is pay or get burned out, reports wfaa-tv reporter Angela Kocherga. Police officers wear face masks to hide their identity and protect their families from retribution.

“We are living basically in a state of war in Ciudad Juarez,” said Oscar Maynez, a criminologist in the border city. If the army can’t handle things, he asks, what are we left with?

Soledad Maynez, the president of the city’s Association of Maquiladoras (factories), says the United States might be forced to intervene because the violence will “sooner or later” spill over into El Paso. It is just a matter of time.

Mexico’s problems are intensifying. The global economic crisis, Mexico’s plummeting oil production and the war against the drug cartels threaten its very viability. America could soon be living next to a failed state.

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