Revelation Chapter 13

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Revelation Chapter 13

beast-of-revelation This Newsletter covers the first half of Revelation chapter 13, which describes the Beast that comes out of the water with seven heads and 10 horns. Click the link below to read the newsletter.

We were asked by a reader to cover this subject. Understanding who the “Beast” represents is very important to us today, because as we see in the second half of the chapter this beast comes back into persecuting power. If we do not understand who the characters in the book of Revelation represent, we will be “taken unawares,” and perhaps even be deceived into supporting something that is opposed to God and His purposes.

Revelation 13 part 1 Newsletter

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  1. […] the Pope crowned him. But in chapter 13 we see there was a wounding of one of the heads (see  the Newsletter on Revelation 13). Since 1929 we see the power coming back to the Papacy and see the Papacy again getting its […]

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