Will the Third Temple be built next year?

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Will the Third Temple be built next year?

The “Third Temple” is the temple graphically described in the last chapters of the book of Ezekiel. There are some things that have to happen before the Temple can be built.

The first order of business will be the destruction of the forces of Gog and Magog when they come down to destroy Israel. (see our verse by verse study on the Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39). We also see this destruction described in Revelation 19:17 and Zephaniah 1:7,8, and Joel 3:14-16 and in other places.

The host of Gog is described like a cloud that covers the land, and before this host it is like the Garden of Eden before them. This host is as vast as the host that Xerxes took to conquer Greece. Just as with the forces of Gog, we see the same things with Xerxes army of a couple million who denuded the land and left it a waste land after they passed though. There was so many people, they ate anything and everything and even drank the river dry. They so damaged the land in this way the inhabitants from that area had to leave because there was nothing left to survive on.

Joel 2:3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

Ezekiel tells us that a sixth of this host will survive the destruction (their purpose being to bury the dead and go back to their homeland to tell the great miracles of the Lord and that He fought for Israel and saved them. It will take 7 months to bury the dead.

There are many other things that happen at this time, with the Ancient Worthies (Hebrews 11)being resurrected and in power (fathers will become princes–Psa 45:16) They will be the visible government for Jesus and his Bride who are of the Divine Nature like God. But that is another study.

It is after the cleansing of the land from all the destruction that the Great Time of Trouble leaves behind and the dividing of the land of Israel for all that will return to the land, that the Temple will be built.

The land and the people will have to be prepared for this temple, because we are told that there will be no more a Caananite (unbeliever and sinner) in the land.

The Third Temple will be built after the destruction of Antichrist and the forces of Gog and Magog and the Binding of Satan. It will be build as a result of the Reign of The Christ (Jesus the head and his church the body members). This temple will never be defiled.

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