Couple deny abusing woman over hijab

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Couple deny abusing woman over hijab

09 December 2009 | 10:03

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Chrisitian Hoteliers: Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang

Chrisitian Hoteliers: Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang

A couple have gone on trial in Britain, accused of verbally abusing a Muslim woman for wearing a hijab while staying at their hotel.

Ericka Tazi says she was subjected to an hour-long tirade by Benjamin and Sharon Vogelenzang, who are Christians, after emerging from her room on the morning of March 20 wearing the Islamic head covering and gown.

Tazi, who converted to Islam 18 months ago, was allegedly asked by Benjamin Vogelenzang if she was a ‘terrorist’.

His wife said her dress “represented oppression and bondage”, Liverpool Magistrates Court was told, “It was my outfit that had triggered him,” Tazi told the court, saying the hotelier had resembled “a whirling dervish”.

“He asked me if I was a murderer, if I was a terrorist. I’m a 60-year-old disabled woman, I couldn’t understand where it was coming from, it was shocking to me.”

Benjamin Vogelenzang, 53, also called the prophet Mohammed a “warlord” and compared him to Adolf Hitler, prosecutor Anya Horwood told the court.

Tazi denied she had had robust arguments about religion with other guests during her stay at the hotel under questioning by defence lawyer Hugh Tomlinson.

The Vogelenzangs, who run a hotel in Aintree, Liverpool, deny a charge of using religiously aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting language.

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  1. Wow, was this woman damaged in any way? Did they kick her out of the hotel because she was a muslim? While I think these Christians could have handled things better, to bring a lawsuit to the courts for something like this is ridiculous.

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  2. Our freedom of speech is being gradually taken away
    by STUPID law suits like this –what ever happened to
    “TALK IS CHEAP ” Why is it that only muslims can get
    this kind of court action -Why wasn’t this STUPID case
    thrown out?? Where has all the common sense gone??
    gone to islam every one
    Sounded like a song to me

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