Why were there so many possessions back then and none today (Or very little)?

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Why were there so many possessions back then and none today (Or very little)?

It’s a huge topic in the bible that most don’t believe in now because we don’t see it. Could it be possible that it was a mental illness they were suffering from and not a possession. Or seizures? Since they didn’t have a lot of info. on mental disorders and psychology

Possession is very much alive and well today, I am afraid to say. Fallen Angels cannot control a person who is in their right mind, who has full control of their faculties unless they give them permission.

We see many people with mental illnesses as you have stated, but what “science” doesn’t want to admit that some of their behavior isn’t part of their mental instability. “Science” likes to label things as natural, because they don’t believe in the super-natural. Just like they try to explain Creation away, so they don’t have to acknowledge God.

We had a neighbor who heard voices. These voices drove her crazy. She was able to fend them off if she took her medicine, but she didn’t so they tormented her and told her all sorts of things, for instance: to take her medicine, her old landlord was stalking her, calling her names and such. A few times we prayed with her, and she felt better. She would also tell us that the voices would stop when I came home from work and pulled in the driveway.

There are many people who hear voices, who is to say those voices are not real? Just because we have the natural defenses to ward them off, doesn’t mean they are not real.

There are incidents in the news, that have to be demon inspired, no human could conceive of such terribleness. Take Hitler and the Inquisition for examples. Not just the depravity, but the ability to carry it out unmolested. There is a power behind very evil people, and it is not their own genius.

Perhaps others would like to comment on this question or tell of their experiences.

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