Why does Christianity trump other religions?

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Why does Christianity trump other religions?

I will guess that you will get a different answer from every person you ask this too.

I won’t pretend to be up on all other religions, and so I won’t attempt to compare.

Christianity is the only religion that I know of that has a cohesive Chronology (going back to our Jewish roots).

Christianity explains with reasonableness the events that happened with creation and pre-flood, and flood issues. Not flights of fancy and but from an informational standpoint (Babylon and other religions describe the flood and demonic influences before the flood, but they revere them as gods, and not demons as they really were.)

Christianity explains why things are the way they are and what God plans to do about it.

Christianity shows that God allows us to make decisions for ourselves, we are not forced to do anything.

Christianity shows God’s love for the entire world, not just Israel, not just Christians (He sent His son)

Christianity shows Jesus’ love the entire world, not just Israel, not just Christians (He redeemed the world, to get his bride)

Christianity in one sense is not exclusive, but in another it is.

1)     One must accept Christ to be saved (to get life either heavenly or fleshly in the Kingdom)

2)     This offer of accepting Christ while now only open to those who are called, will in the Kingdom be open to the entire rest of the world, and the Bride of Christ will have part in that offering all to come and drink of the waters of life.

Christianity tells “the rest of the story.” It shows the loss of favor and entrance of sin in the world, but it shows its removal and restoration to peace and harmony with God.

Christianity offers hope, not just for us, but for the entire world of mankind.

You may say, this is not true, because that is not what I hear from the Churches.  I do not doubt that you do not hear this from the churches, because human traditions have entered in and have made it an exclusive club, so much so it excludes other Christians, because they might see things a little different.

These attitudes are because of our fallen human tendencies that cause us to pick one team over another, instead of seeing we are all on the same team. God warns us about these problems in the church, He does not recognize them and those that cause divisions where there should be none, will be held accountable. This is not Christianity by humanism. So to judge God or Christianity because you get your impression by bad examples, isn’t fair.  And these bad examples have stumbled many people, and there will be a price to pay.

Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, check it out for yourself. Read and study and pray for understanding, so that you will be able to weed through all the human philosophies that have tried to choke the true Word of God and His Love.

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