What was God’s curse for Adam’s sin?

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What was God’s curse for Adam’s sin?

Death! The same death we experience the moment we are born. For some it takes eighty years, but for Adam it took 930 years, but the dying process for Adam began the moment he ate the forbidden fruit.

(LITV)  but of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you may not eat, for in the day that you eat of it, dying you shall die.

Above we are using the “Literal Translation, Young’s Literal says the same thing. It reads different in the King James, but when you look at the King James with the Strong’s words attached you will notice it looks like this: thou shalt surely die.H4191 H4191

You notice there are two words next to each other that are the same, it reads: Thou shalt die die.    “Surely” which is the same word, but translated different. The translators probably were stressing the finality of it, but it seems to cause confusion on exactly what the penalty was. The penalty was death, not an instant death, not a death in a 24 hour period. The day referred to is a Day from God’s perspective, not bound to the revolution of the earth. That day is a thousand years, we learn that from Peter, and that is in harmony with the fact that Adam lived 930 years, which means he did died within God’s Day.

H4191  מוּת    mûth  mooth
A primitive root; to die (literally or figuratively); causatively to kill: –  X at all, X crying, (be) dead (body, man, one), (put to, worthy of) death, destroy (-er), (cause to, be like to, must) die, kill, necro [-mancer], X must needs, slay, X surely, X very suddenly, X in [no] wise.

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