Vatican Defends Naming Pius XII Venerable

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Vatican Defends Naming Pius XII Venerable

Says Sanctity Is About Virtue, Not Historical Impact

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 23, 2009 ( A Vatican spokesman today said that Pope Pius XII has been declared “venerable” because he is a model for Christian life, not because of the historical decisions he made.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, offered a statement to Vatican Radio today in response to Benedict XVI’s declaration Saturday recognizing the heroic virtue of Pius XII.

The decree brings the World War II Pontiff one step closer to canonization and gives him the title “venerable.”

Father Lombardi acknowledged that the declaration “has elicited a certain number of reactions in the Jewish world” and offered a clarification of what the decree means.

Though many historians (including Jewish scholars) recognize Pius XII’s endeavors that resulted in saving thousands of Jews from the Nazi death camps, there are still those who contend that he did too little.

Father Lombardi explained that the recognition of heroic virtue “takes account of the circumstances in which the person lived, and hence it is necessary to examine the question from a historical standpoint, but the evaluation essentially concerns the witness of Christian life that the person showed — his intense relationship with God and continuous search for evangelical perfection […] — and not the historical impact of all his operative decisions.”

Further historical study of Pius XII’s defense of the Jews is therefore still open, the spokesman affirmed. And in this regard, he repeated that documents regarding the 1939-1958 pontificate will be made available to scholars once they’ve been organized and classified, a project that, because of the “enormous mass” of documentation, “still requires a number of years’ work.”

No twin canonizations

Father Lombardi also responded to certain rumors that the simultaneous declaration of both Pius XII and Pope John Paul II as venerable could mean that any future canonization of the two Pontiffs would also coincide.

The spokesman affirmed that the two causes have not been “paired.”

“They are completely independent of one another and each will follow its own course,” he said. “There is, then, no reason to imagine that any future beatification will take place simultaneously.”

Friend of the Jews

Finally, Father Lombardi reiterated Benedict XVI’s great respect for the Jewish people.

“It is, then, clear that the recent signing of the decree [regarding Pius XII] is in no way to be read as a hostile act toward the Jewish people, and it is to be hoped that it will not be considered as an obstacle on the path of dialogue between Judaism and the Catholic Church,” he said. “Rather we trust that the Pope’s forthcoming visit to the Synagogue of Rome will be an opportunity for the cordial reiteration and reinforcement of ties of friendship and respect.”


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Pope Pius XII and Hitler

In 1933, under the leadership of its Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (who became Pope Pius XII), the Vatican negotiated a Concordat with Aldolf Hitler. Hitler portrayed his Third Reich as a Roman Catholic enterprise as a part of the loosely formed Holy Roman Empire. “Even an indirect endorsement from the Pope meant everything to Hitler as he sought to establish his legitimacy at home and abroad. In these early months of 1933, Catholic leaders went from being Hitler’s staunch opponents to his latest allies. This transformation was dramatically symbolized by the fact that in 1932, the Fulda Episcopal Conference, representing the Catholic hierarchy of Germany, banned membership in the Nazi Party and forbade priests from offering communion to anyone wearing the swastika. Then, on March 28, 1933, two weeks after Pacelli offered his overture to Hitler, the same Fulda conferees voted to lift the ban on Catholic membership in the Nazi Party.

Hitler established a context that would be ‘especially significant in the urgent struggle against international Jewry.’ to his cabinet on July 14th. The deep well of Catholic Antisemitism would be tapped to run as freely as any stream of hate in Germany. The positive side of the long-standing ambivalence, which had again and again been the source of impulses to protect Jews, would now be eliminated, allowing the negative side to metastasize.”

“The long-standing ambivalence” of the Catholic Church as an organization that had been, prior to the Reichskonkordat, “again and again… the source of impulses to protect Jews.” Would no longer be there. Make sure they suffer) so that Christians will see what happens to the Jews because they rejected the doctrine that Jesus was divine.

On March 2, 1939: Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was sworn in as Pope Pius XII; four days later (as Hitler’s tanks are rolling into Poland).

Pope Pius XII

Pacelli wrote a letter to Hitler: “To the illustrious Herr Aldolf Hitler, Fuhrer and chancellor of the German Reich! Here at the beginning of our pontificate we wish to assure you that we remain devoted to the spiritual welfare of the German people entrusted to your leadership. During the many years we spent in Germany, we did all in our power to establish harmonious relations between church and state. Now that the responsibilities of our pastoral function have increased our opportunities, how much more ardently do we pray to reach that goal? May the prosperity of the German people and their progress in every domain come, with Gods help, to fruition!”

The Pope maintained a papal nuncio (Ambassador Archbishop Orsenigo) in Berlin throughout the War. At the Popes express wish (on the 20 of April 1939) Orsenigo opened a gala reception for Hitler’s 50th birthday, which became a tradition throughout the Third Reich, along with Cardinal Bertram sending “warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the Bishops and dioceses in Germany”, to which he added “fervent prayers which the Catholics of Germany are sending to heaven on their alters”: “Hitlers Pope: The Secret History of Pius VII”, by, John Cornwell (all research for this book was done in the Vatican Library).

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  1. The world should take NO cognizance of these FALSE saints proclaimed
    by the catholic church They are as NOTHING .
    GOD AND GOD ALONE names the saints.
    And they are those who follow His word and commandments.
    “Gather my saints together unto me;those that have made
    a covenant with me by sacrifice.”(Psa50:5)
    As for their closed eyes during WWII we expect the same treatment
    of the real saints (true Christians) at this end of the age. That ‘THEY’
    will be the force behind the scenes causing the destruction of the ‘LITTLE FLOCK';
    “During the Hour of Power”,and any one who gets in their way for whatever reason

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  2. The Audacity of papacy still astounds me… they stand in God’s place as if they were ordained of God , but what astounds me more is how the world believes their crap. Matthew chapter 23 tells us what Jesus’ perspective is on these posers…..

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