Prophet Predicts Israel to bury Iranians & burn Iranium!

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Prophet Predicts Israel to bury Iranians & burn Iranium!

Part One – by Bill Salus

Rumors of war between Israel and Iran suggest the Middle East is on the verge of going apocalyptic. Rapidly deteriorating relationships between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu led government recently caused U.S. Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell to threaten freezing future American aid to Israel.

Meanwhile, many world political and military leaders fear Israel is about to go toe to toe with Iran and its proxies, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Consider some of the recent headlines validating their concerns:

1. Hezbollah boasts it can destroy one-half of Israel’s army – Sept. 2009.
2. Iran successfully simulates detonation of nuclear weapon – Dec. 2009.
3. War pacts were signed by Iran and its proxies – Dec. 2009.
4. Syria calls up its reserves – Jan. 2010.
5. Israeli troops train for a new Gaza War Jan. 2010
6. Iran trains five Hezbollah brigades to seize Galilee towns – Feb. 2010.
7. Israel is passing out gas masks nationwide – Feb. 2010.
8. Iran announces “nuclear statehood” Feb. 11, 2010

These are just a few telling and troubling events signaling that the “Mother of all Mideast Wars” may be on the horizon. What has caused hostilities in the holy land to seemingly escalate out of control to a DEFCON 1 level?

It’s the existential threat posed to Israel by Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

Certainly many other turbulent geopolitical circumstances complicate Mideast matters; however, Iran’s Islamically driven intentions to “wipe Israel off of the map” stand at the core of the matter. This genocidal threat has provoked Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to plead with the international community to implement “crippling” sanctions upon Iran immediately.

However, “immediately” may be too late as the international community appears to have run out of both time and options. For over six decades Mideast peace has eluded humanity’s resume. It appears as though the time has come for the G-d of Israel to take matters into His own hands. Before stating the prophetic prediction let’s play out the potential political options.


In order for sanctions to work against Iran they must be stiff and strictly adhered to by the influential members of the International Community. What is the likelihood of this occurring considering mankind lives in an oil dependent world and Iran presently ranks as the number two member of the OPEC oil cartel? OPEC possesses two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves and produces one-third of the world’s oil supply. Iran’s number two position within OPEC and number four position worldwide, gives them a trump card over political sanctions.

Take China as an example. China, ranked second worldwide in oil consumption, has already adamantly declared it will not support sanctions against Iran. Then consider Russia, who has significant nuclear energy and weapons export contracts with Iran, they have offered only lip service in favor of sanctions against Iran.

Russia is bidding for superpower status once again and is in desperate need of Iran’s oil wealth. Wealth achieved through weapons exports was one of the primary reasons the former Soviet Union, spearheaded by Russia, achieved superpower status in the past. The Russians appear to be up to their old antics evidenced by the existence of multiple weapons export contracts, with Iran, Turkey, Greece, Cypress, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Sudan, and many others.

Russia’s advanced weapons technologies coupled with Iran’s oil wealth is a marriage made from Hades. These two nations have become inseparable allies, and asking Russia to support sanctions against Iran would be asking it to shoot itself in the foot. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was quoted recently on Fox news saying “we will see Russian support for sanctions when we see it”, implying don’t hold your breath.

In fact Russia’s outstanding contracts to sell the S-300 and S-400 missile defense systems to Iran complicate the Middle East predicament. These systems are state of the art, supposedly surpassing even the U.S. Patriot missile defense system. Israel views the implementation of these systems as a serious deterrent to their ability to preempt a strategic strike against Iran’s nuclear sites. Thus, this fast forwards the potential Israeli attack clock. It infers that Israel might have to move against Iran before these systems are officially up and running inside of Iran.


The neutralization of Iran will likely not come from regime change either. Many political optimists believe that the opposition “Green Movement” inside Iran, which is primarily comprised of unarmed youthful protesters, might evolve into a regime change. They claim that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Mullah backed “Alliance of Builders” political party stole the June 2009 Iranian election.

For a few weeks mainstream media sources broadcast their street protests. However, many of these protesters are either, in hiding, imprisoned, or assassinated at this point. They have learned the hard way that it will take more than large crowds waiving green flags and wearing green wrist bands to uproot the ruthless Iranian regime, which has been in place for over three decades now.


During their Washington meeting in May of 2009, President Obama informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his Middle East foreign policy of “Engagement.” Obama suggested that he might just have enough presidential charisma to talk the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who has vowed to wipe Israel off of the map, into halting his nuclear development program.

This naïve Rodney King style of “can we all just get along” foreign policy was doomed from the start. Evidencing Obama’s lack of Mideast insight and experience, Ahmadinejad declared in December of 2009 that there is not a “damn thing”, Israel and its western backers can do to stop Iran’s nuclear work. Obama’s weak policy of engagement has further facilitated Iran’s freedom to develop their nuclear program. Iran has officially declared that it is capable of producing weapons grade uranium (Iranium). Many analysts believe Iran will have a nuclear weapon by the end of 2010.

In conclusion of part one, any hopes that Iran will change its disposition from a radical regime to a more moderate government via sanctions, protests, or engagements are all but out the window. It appears all political options have exhausted themselves and the time has arrived for Israel, their G-d Jehovah, and / or any concerned nation to implement military measures in order to halt Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

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