Warrant Issued for Former Lesbian Mom Now Christian

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Warrant Issued for Former Lesbian Mom Now Christian

CBNNews Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lisa Miller and Isabella

A Vermont judge has ordered the arrest of a former lesbian turned Christian who’s been in a long custody battle with her ex-partner.

Judge William Cohen found Lisa Miller in contempt of court after she failed to transfer custody of her 7-year-old daughter, Isabella, to former partner, Janet Jenkins. A warrant is now out for her arrest.

The women have been in a custody battle since they broke up in 2003 and Miller moved to Virginia. Although Miller is the girl’s biological mother, Judge Cohen ordered a switch in custody last November after she failed to uphold Jenkins’ visitation rights.

After that ruling, Miller — who’s said she does not want her daughter exposed to the homosexual lifestyle — cut off all ties with her attorneys and disappeared.

Jenkins’ custody was set to begin Jan.1, 2010, but Miller and Isabella did not show. She was then given 30 more days to appear.

The arrest warrant issued Tuesday only applies in Vermont, where the two women were once joined in a civil union.

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