Can anyone answer answer this question about the Crucifixion?

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Can anyone answer answer this question about the Crucifixion?

According to Christianity, Jesus died on the cross to atone for Adam’s sins. What I don’t get is why it was necessary. If someone else told God “In order for you to straighten up the mess down there, you must take human form and be killed”, then it would make some sense. But, since God is in charge, the notion that he had to die to fix things doesn’t make any sense. After all, He is the ultimate judge

Some people say that he is testing our faith. In essence, this is saying that He loves us, but it is very conditional. If you don’t accept His love in exactly the manner he offers it, then you will suffer eternally.

However, this isn’t really the issue. Why a blood offering? Doesn’t that seem rather barbaric?
Couldn’t God have figured out a solution to a problem over which He has ultimate authority without resorting to violence?

It is interesting that other religions, such as Buddhism, stress independent thought, and don’t require believing in a blood sacrifice in order to avoid a horrible punishment. But, then again, they are all destined for Hell for not following Jesus.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. I have a feeling no one will answer this question, just reiterating that Jesus is the only way, etc

It should have repulsed and shamed the Israelites, but it didn’t. God wanted mankind to understand it was not a light thing to disobey. That is why a life was required.

The purpose of the Law covenant, was to bring them to Jesus, but they just couldn’t understand, and then they added their own traditions in there and so were never able to see why Jesus had to die.

Jesus paid the “ransom”, and the meaning of the word is: a corresponding price.

Jesus had to die, because that was the penalty placed on Adam.

Jesus’ death had more than one facet to it, it wasn’t merely to ransom Adam (and us through him), but there is also a “sin offering” which is different than the ransom. The Ransom is shown in the law by the Passover lamb, and on the day of Atonement, as the bullock. The Ram in the Day of Atonement has to do with the sin offering. This is connected to Jesus being a priest after the order of Melchizedek. A priest reconciles, and during the Kingdom which all Christians pray for, he will reconcile the world (those not of his Bride–Faithful Christians in this Age) to himself. The Faithful Christian also has this promise of helping.

The cross corresponds to the tree that Adam hid behind naked when he sinned.
Jesus became sin and had to be in front of the tree (cross) naked

Adam was betrayed by his wife in the garden, mostly like with a kiss to eat the fruit.
Jesus was betrayed by his best friend in the garden with a kiss.

Jesus is the 2nd Adam.

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