What does the bible say about the end of Christianity?

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What does the bible say about the end of Christianity?

Does it say when it will, or how it will end? Or does it say it won’t end?
After the True Christians are put to death by Christendom during the hour of power of the beast. It will be destroyed. Revelation talks about the Harlot and the Beast which persecutes the saints (True Christians) being destroyed, along with the daughter systems (mother of harlots).

Jezebel is a type of the Harlot in Revelation–she is the Catholic Church and she is thrown out the window, trampled underfoot of the horses and eaten by dogs.

Ezekiel 38, and 39 shed some light on who are the dogs that eat her, they are the Muslim hoard that come down from the North (Russian muslims–Georgia and all the –stans), they are on their way down to destroy the Vatican, and in verse 4 the Lord points them in a new direction, that is to Israel.

Satan is out to destroy anything connected with God. First the Christians–the true, he already has the false, but God sees to it that the false are destroyed. Next he will go after Israel, but God will fight for them as He did in days of old, and the Holy Remnant will be spared–all false will be destroyed.

But then, true Christianity will be revived again, because at that time the Kingdom which we pray for will be inaugurated on the earth and God’s will will be done on the earth as it is done in heaven. Those True Christians that were put to death because of their faith, will be living and reigning with Christ and bring the world back up the highway of holiness and to a perfect knowledge of God. It will start with those who are still living at that time–and the anarchy will be so bad,that there won’t be a lot, and once things are settled and Ezekiel’s Temple built, then it will be time to start bringing back the rest of mankind, all the way back to Adam.

So, to answer the question, false Christianity will come to an end, but the whole world will be under the Mediator, Jesus and his Bride–who are his body members. That is known as the “restitution of all things, spoken about by all the holy prophets.”

See our verse by verse studies: Ezekiel Chapter 38, Ezekiel Chapter 39, Jeremiah Chapter 30, Jeremiah Chapter 31, Jeremiah Chapter 50, Jeremiah Chapter 51, and  2 Kings Chapter 9.
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