What exactly is the Kingdom Jesus taught his followers to pray for ?

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What exactly is the Kingdom Jesus taught his followers to pray for ?

Matthew 6:10 New Living Translation
10 May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

The Kingdom has two parts, as shown in the verse you quoted.

God’s will being done on the earth–Isa. 35. Angels proclaimed at Jesus’ birth–“peace on earth”. Joel says that at this time God will turn to the people a pure language. Jeremiah talks about the New Covenant made with the Holy Remnant of Israel. Isaiah tells us in chapter 4 that all who survive Jacob’s trouble will be “Holy”, which is where we get the Holy Remnant. There are myriads of other scriptures that describe that day–the whole last 7 chapters of Ezekiel where is describes the Temple and dividing of the land and the living waters.

As it is done in heaven…For the Christian, they if faithful are part of the heavenly phase of the kingdom. They are promised if faithful unto death to reign with Jesus as part of “The Christ” over the earth and to bring mankind back up the highway of holiness, back to the condition Father Adam had before he fell. Their responsibility is to teach mankind (through the Ancients–Heb. 11–who are the human representatives of the spiritual government.) For is says “All will know the Lord from the least unto the greatest.” That is the job of the priest part of the Little Flock’s job. Priests are mediators between God and Man, and as part of the Christ that is their job. 1 Tim. 2:5, 6. The promise to judge angels and men, are the kingly portion of their role.

When we pray for the Kingdom, we pray for Satan’s rule to end and God’s rule to begin through The Christ head and body. When we pray for the Kingdom, we pray that the social system this world is used to be ended, tyranny will end, empires will end, democracy will end–as all are Satan’s governments. Evenso Come Lord!

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