Why hasn’t Jesus returned yet?

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Why hasn’t Jesus returned yet?

In every generation, there are people who die having rejected the gospel, so Jesus isn’t gaining anything by waiting.
You don’t understand the plan of God.

Jesus came to die for Father Adam. All mankind is redeemed by that one ransom sacrifice. Ransom means corresponding price. Jesus was the corresponding price for Adam. This is the most important feature of Jesus’ first Advent, but not the only.

By Jesus purchasing the Human Race from God his Father,with his own blood, Jesus then opened up an opportunity for a select few to be part of his Bride-class. What that means is, during this Gospel Age, those who accept Christ as their personal savior have the opportunity to go to heaven and reign as kings and priests with Jesus. Not everyone who says they are a Christian is, and the standard is very high to get to this position. Christians are in training now for a future job–if we don’t pass the training, we don’t get the job. We don’t even get life.

The job for which we are training is for the next age. We are coming to the end of this age (world), and a new one is about to come in–but this “kosmos” social order will be destroyed. Then the world will be brought back into harmony with God–under the direction of Jesus and his Bride class. That is the Kingdom which all who call themselves Christians pray–many have no idea what it means.

So Jesus isn’t waiting for you to accept him, he is waiting for the completion of his Bride. You will be taught the Truth in the next age and then you will have the opportunity to accept the terms of the new social order under Jesus or not.

Also as far as the Return of Jesus, most Christians don’t understand that either, so I understand why you don’t. Jesus’ Second Coming–is in three stages.

Parousia (which means presence)
Epiphania (Bright Shining–the Marriage of the Lamb)
Apokalupsis (Revelation–what the World will see at the inauguration of the Kingdom)

We are coming close to the Epiphania stage

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