Do we really need the Apocalypse?

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Do we really need the Apocalypse?

“Disease, starvation and war” ? that sounds just like the Christian apocalypse. Hindus, Buddhists and many other religions have this same idea. it always ends with the Savior [name Him] returns to bring all humanity together to agree to live in peace, or else the world will never again be good. Anyone who thinks about the power of technology can easily imagine it all going into total disrepair.

Do we need an apocalypse for people to live in harmony? Must we be pushed to the very extremes before everyone is on the same page at last?


Apocalypse means revealment and not disease, starvation and war. It is actually the end of all these things. Man does this all by himself with no help from God or Jesus.

The Great Time of Trouble is man against man, and given the chance we would certain wipe humanity off the face of the earth. Lets look at what we have done so far:

1) we have a physcho in Iran who is very eager to use nuclear weapons.
2) We have all governments striving to make a one world government–had that in Europe in the Dark Ages–if you know anything about history you know how brutal it was.
3) Our own country is labeling citizens terrorists for having more than 3 days food supply and says they can throw them in detention at any time–ever study the French Revolution? That is exactly what happened to the French Citizens–taken at night and thrown in the Bastille and never heard from again.
4) Our food sources are poisoned. Seeds have a death gene in them so that you can’t save seeds and replant, 70% of the nations antibiotics go to livestock. GMO hay is causing sterility and abortions in livestock. GMO food is doing the same to humans and causing more allergies and diseases. I am only 45 years old, but I never knew of anyone who had a peanut allergy or nut allergy when I was growing up. Diabetes is epidemic now.
5) Governments are working on implementing Agenda 21–which affords them complete control over our food source–small farmers have been targeted in some areas and it will only get worse.

This is all man’s doing and we bring about this trouble all by ourselves.

Just like in the French Revolution–if Napoleon didn’t step in and stop it, they would have annihilated themselves. If you were not Ra Ra Ra for the Revolution, you were lined up for the guillotine. There was so much bloodshed towards the end of the revolution that the blood had to be piped out. Those in power at that time were blood thirsty–they even murdered those that started the Revolution, because they were too moderate.

The French Revolution is described in the Bible and it is a mini-type of the Great Time of Trouble and what we can expect.

So do we really need the Apocalypse, absolutely or there would be no human life left on this planet.


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