Is America the city of Babylon?

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Is America the city of Babylon?

Mentioned in the bible? Will America be destroyed?


Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation and in type elsewhere in the Bible refers to the Catholic Church.

Both women in the book of Revelation depict Christians–one pure and ends up being the Bride of Christ–one defiled with the kingdoms of this world–harlot–the Catholic Church–who is in league with 179 nations today–and back in history was setting up and dethroning kings. (study 1260 days/years of Rev. and Daniel–when they wore out the saints–Inquisition)

There are also 2 cities mentioned in Revelation: New Jerusalem–same as the bride of Christ and Babylon–same as the whore.

As for your other question–yes, the US will be destroyed as will every other government under control of Satan–the god of this world (and that is all of them). In Daniel 2 we see an image of the superpowers. We are coming to the toes of the great image. The toes representing the hour of power spoken about in Revelation of the beast (Papacy). As the Papacy enjoyed a church state union in its hayday–in the near future it will regain that power, but only for a short time, and that is when it will put to death the faithful saints, and once the Bride of Christ is complete, she and her Lord and groom, Jesus, will smite the nations. (Psalm 149). “This honour hath all the saints.”

All the present nations will be represented under the Papacy–because at that time they will have achieved their hour of power–like they had in the dark ages, and all nations will be subservient to them. So when they go down, they will all go down, and then Christ’s Kingdom will grow and fill all the earth. All mankind will be brought back in the kingdom and learn about God through Jesus and his Bride as they will be kings and priests over all the earth and it will be a glorious time for mankind–to go back to what Adam lost when he sinned.

For a more indepth study on the subject see:

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