I would like to start studying Biblical prophesy, what’s a Biblically sound site to go to?

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 I would like to start studying Biblical prophesy, what’s a Biblically sound site to go to?

I would specifically like one that states who each and every prophesy was fulfilled precisely to a “t” and how it clearly demonstrates God’s power. Can you recommend a site? 




Anyone who can say that they can interpret prophesy to the “t” can’t be trusted. It is interpretation based on scripture–therefore cannot be understood in full until it is a past event.

We have verse by verse Bible Studies and Prophetic study weekends to endeavor to get a clearer understanding of God’s Word on all matters as well as Prophetic.

We are told that the light shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day (Kingdom). That is our understanding should be getting clearer year by year, if not we are not studying or not even interested in God’s Word–we are just happy where we are–lukewarm and stagnant.

There are things that in the past we could not possibly have factored into an interpretation of Prophetic matters. Before 1948–our brethren of the past could not have foreseen Israel becoming a nation–that doesn’t make them less of brethren or not used of God.

The thing is to know the bigger events on what is going to happen–and all the details will not be given. Know the order they should happen and work from there.

1Co_2:13  Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

I had never thought of this before a brother mentioned it to me, but it makes sense.

The scripture above says to compare spiritual things with spiritual. That is taking parables and types and comparing them with other parables and types or symbolic passages to get a clearer understanding.

Take for instance:

Wheat and the tares: classes are separated, harvest–end of the age, taken to the barn (heaven), tares destroyed

Elijah and Elisha: Elisha asks for double (similar) portion, separated by chariot and horses of fire, Elijah taken to heaven.

Gidion type: preparing for battle, classes separated by water test (truth), breaking of pitchers (death of old creature), light shines through–birth of new creature–heaven) happens at night.

Scapegoat–separated by casting lots, Lord’s goat offered and blood taken into Most Holy (heaven), scapegoat let out in the wilderness for the destruction of the flesh–turned over to Azazel (Satan)

Wise and Foolish Virgins: Happens at night, classes separated because one doesn’t have enough oil to finish the trip (zeal of the Holy Spirit), one class is ready and goes into the marriage–other class goes to the market place to get the zeal (turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh)

Great Multitude: have to go through the Great Tribulation to wash the robes in the blood of the lamb, not part of the Bride–not in the throne but before it. (corresponds to: Foolish Virgins (still virgins–loyal), Elisha, those who failed water test, Scapegoat)

Jesus’ Last night: happens at night, Classes separated when soldiers come, Apostles run away, Jesus taken and crucified, goes to heaven—sacrifice accepted.

Bride class: Wheat, Elijah, Lord’s Goat, Wise Virgins.

All the above are related, but don’t give all the same details, but there is overlapping. By comparing spiritual with spiritual you line these thing up and study them together. God tells us His Word is here a little there a little, line up on line, and precept upon precept–so it is our job to put the pieces of the giant puzzle together.

You can check out our website: www.FinalTrump.com–I don’t promise we have all the Truth, but it is our goal to get to the bottom of things, and that will take our entire lives and we will never know everything, until we are with the Lord if faithful unto death.

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