Do you believe in an afterlife and what do you think it is?

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Do you believe in an afterlife and what do you think it is?

my dad died a few months ago and now it consumes me


Death is the cessation of life. If Jesus had not paid the price for Adam thereby lifting the curse of death, all would remain in their graves.

There are a couple of resurrections spoken of in the Bible.

First Resurrection–which is only for those who have consecrated (devoted) their lives to serving God and were faithful unto death. They are raised spirit nature and will live in heaven. This happens in the Parousia phase of Jesus’ Second Coming (there are 3 words that are used to describe his coming: Parousia, Epiphania, and Apokalupsis—they they have different meanings).

The General Resurrection is for the world of mankind. Everyone gets it. This does not take place until after the Apokalupsis–or revelation–revealing of Jesus coming. This period of time has various names; Kingdom (which all Christians pray for), Millennium–which we find Jesus and his Bride (1st resurrection) reign over the world during this time as kings and priests. Day of Judgement–this is when all the world is put on trial–not a sentencing, but a testing period–like probation–in fact we are already in it, because judgment begins at the house of God–which is all who claim to be Christians.

So your dad will come back in the resurrection with the rest of mankind.

Rest in the Lord’s prayer: “Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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