#166 Walk on the Water—Think Outside the Boat Matt 14:28

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Good morning!

He knows the storm that sometimes engulfs us. He sees when we are straining at the oars.  The strength of his presence is stronger than the storm. Every storm is his opportunity to bring us to his peace.

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#166  Walk on the Water—Think Outside the Boat Matt 14:28


It was dark.  They were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee and the wind was blowing hard.  The waves rose and fell ominously, making their boat sway and lurch up and down, back and forth.  The twelve disciples felt the salty spray of the sea on their faces and tasted the brine in their mouths as they strained at the oars to keep their boat on coarse.  Those who attempted to adjust the rigging staggered their way from one part of the boat to the other.  It seemed like they were getting nowhere.

They had had a memorable day with their Teacher.  Again Jesus had shown them his amazing power by using two fish and five loaves of bread to feed a multitude of over five thousand people.  But now his power seemed very distant.  They had left him on land, on a mountain, where his wished to be alone to pray.  (Mark 6:46)  Now they were in the middle of a very angry sea, bombarded by angry waves.

Very early in the morning, before it was light, a few of the disciples sighted something a short distance from their boat.  Through the fury of the wind and spray of the waves they thought they saw a figure approaching them on the restless waters.  The figure was passing a few feet from their boat.  Fears flooded their minds.  “It’s an apparition!” one disciple called out with a tremor in his voice.  A ripple of voices joined in to repeat their proclamations of dread.

Immediately a familiar voice called out to them.  “Take courage!  Don’t be afraid. “It’s me!”  It was the voice of their Rabbi.

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter called out, “Command me to come to you on the water.”

“Come!”  Jesus answered him with a tone of authority.

Peter’s eyes were fixed on Jesus.  He swung one leg and then the other over the side of the boat into the watery turmoil.  He felt the wetness of water on his feet and ankles as the waves swirled around him, but he felt strangely supported.  His eyes still fixed on Jesus, and much to the wide mouthed amazement of the eleven, Peter took one step, and then another closer to his Lord.

A sudden gust of wind distracted his gaze.  He looked at the wind’s powerful waves and felt a sudden surge of fear.  He began to sink.

“Lord, save me!” he cried out.

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.  A frightened and grateful Peter climbed back into the boat on the strong arm of Jesus.  When Jesus himself climbed into the boat the wind stopped and all was calm.

Jesus comes to us in the middle of our ‘storm’ and sometimes we don’t recognize him.

He wants us to do what Peter did.  Matt 14:28  He wants us to pray, “Command me to come to you.”  He wants us to come to him—to be close to him.  He wants us to walk over the stormy sea that is between us.  He may want us to say ‘yes’ to something we are afraid to do for him.   He may want us to face a weakness.

He wants us to go forward by the power of his authority:  “Command me”, Peter asked, and Jesus said “Come.”

The word, ‘Come’ give us confidence.  It is his invitation.  We can have confidence that Jesus will help us in every storm.   He knows how to help us through our challenge even before we see any sign of his help.

We can have confidence that he wants us to be closer to him.  We can go forward and face any fear or weakness or risk he directs us to in the power of his strength and authority.  We know that as long as we focus on him, we can do what seems impossible.  We know that should we lose our focus and get distracted, he will immediately reach out to us so that we can go forward in faith.

We know that he has dominion over every storm.


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