#167 Think outside the boat! Matt 14.22-36

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Good Morning!


My job requires dealing with conflicts and implementing disciplinary actions with employees.

There are some times when I actually dread the encounter.

When I create the scenario as a great privilege to stand for the potential of the person, it alters my experience.

When I take the risk in partnership with Jesus and picture him bidding me to come to him despite what I fear and what may seem impossible, the gift of what is possible in his strength becomes his gift to me.


Much love in Christ,





I want more than just sitting in this boat, being afraid.

I want to be close to you in this storm.  Sister Tricia

He is the Prince of peace.  Wherever he is there is peace.”  Sister Victoria

#167  Think outside the boat!  Matt 14.22-36


Jesus sent his disciples away, into the boat.  He sent them away from the secure land where he had worked great miracles to journey alone.  Sometimes he constrains us to leave a situation of security, and it feels like he is asking us to leave him.  Matt 14:22  We may resist the change.  But the change is motivated by his foresight.  He sees another opportunity to reveal himself to us.

From the high ground of his mountain top perspective, he prays alone.  Mark 6:46

And though it is dark (John 6:17) he can see from the mountaintop.  He can see our plight.  Mark 6:48  He can see that we are in the midst of the sea (Mark 6:57), and that our boat is battered by the waves.  Mark 14:24  He can see that we are straining at the oars, and that the wind is against us.

He comes to us at his appointed time, in the fourth watch of the night, in the early morning hours when it is not yet light.  Mark 6:48b.  Psalm 46:5  He comes to us walking on the sea, exercising dominion over every obstacle.

Our first reaction is fear.    We do not always recognize our Lord and his forms of deliverance.  We may mistake our Lord and his intention to deliver as something negative. Matt 14:26

But we hear his voice.  He speaks to us in the midst of our fear and in the midst of our storm.  He helps us to realize that it is him, our beloved Master and friend, and that there is every reason for courage and little reason for fear.  Matt 14:27  When we listen to his voice we are calmed.  We become willing to welcome the one we thought to be a fearful stranger.  We become willing to welcome him into our boat of circumstance.

Matt 14:28

As a result of recognizing his presence, we desire closeness to him.

He inspires us to think outside the boat!  He inspires us to pray this prayer, “Command me to come to you” and then to follow the authority of his command, “Come.”  Meet him, as he gives us dominion over risk and over what we would define as impossible.  And realize that should we get distracted from his gaze and the focus of his power, he will be there to pull us up and support us in yet another lesson of trust.

Matt 14:29-31  Lord, command me to come to you.

Call me to exercise your dominion over what I fear or call impossible.  Call me to the risk you choose.

And then empower me to be aligned with your authority so that I can act in confidence and leave my boat.


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