Come, Let Us Reason Together

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The ransom is seen to be the very center of the Word and plan of God, and the most thorough test that can be applied to any theory, to prove at once whether it is of God or of men. Whatever is found out of harmony with this foundation principle of the Gospel, preached by Jesus and the Apostles, should be let severely alone. To tamper with that which you perceive to be off the only foundation for faith, laid in God’s Word, is dangerous. To allow either yourself or others for you to devise and arrange another plan of salvation than that which God reveals, is to trust to your own or their blind reasonings and to abandon the lines and points which God has marked for our guidance in His revelation. You cannot trust your own reasoning faculties or those of others outside those lines and points which God has furnished. To go outside them is to get lost in a mental maze in which all is speculation and uncertainty, because outside of the fixed lines provided for our restraint by our loving Creator.

The Lord’s invitation, “Come, let us reason together,” implies that we are to reason with Him, inside these lines which He has erected for our preservation from error, and not that we should abandon His Word to reason for ourselves. And the subject upon which we reason and the lines which must limit our reasonings are indicated in the words which follow the invitation to reason–“Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as wool.” Here is an acknowledgement of sin, and of a fall, and of a just condemnation. It is also an admission that the sins are scarlet– of a deep dyed and fast color–that we cannot wash them away ourselves, and that God proposes to cleanse them away for us through the blood of the Lamb slain for our redemption.

The difficulty with Eve was just this which is now to test the Church, the second Eve. (2 Cor. 11:3.) Eve knew the lines which God had placed, she knew the liberty which the gracious Creator had bestowed, and she knew the limit of that liberty–that she must not partake of the forbidden tree; but she chafed under any restriction. The restrictions would probably have been removed in time, but Eve was not submissive to the Lord’s plan, and lent an ear to the suggestion of the tempter that she should assert and use her liberty, and not recognize God’s superior wisdom and yield willing obedience. As she forsook all the other trees of the garden, so beautiful and so good, to partake of the forbidden one, so now the Church is tempted to forsake all the exceeding great and precious and harmonious truths of God’s Word, our garden of delights, and to seek other wisdom which will as surely carry them away from the true gospel as Eve’s disobedience led out of Eden.

If our first parents, with perfect reasoning faculties, needed the Lord’s direction, because of their inexperience, how much more necessary it is for us, who not only lack experience, but also lack perfection of mental capacity and balance, to stay close to the Word of the Lord and carefully avoid even an attempt to reason outside of its defined lines, or in opposition to its clearly expressed doctrine on this subject of the ransom, which, like a finger-board on a guitar, distinguishes the way the Lord planned and directs from all other ways.


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