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Israel bends to Turkish ultimatum, Ankara prepares next anti-Israel move

Jan 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Signs of the Times (click on article name)

The apology related to a foolish maneuver by deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon for putting Ankara in its place by seating the Turkish ambassador on a sofa lower than his Israel hosts and calling TV cameras to witness his humiliation. Ankara hit the ceiling. But when, instead of firing Ayalon, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu forced him to write an abject letter of apology, the rest of the Middle East took note of Jerusalem’s weakness and susceptibility to outside pressure.


Israel Warns IDF Ready to Roll Against Iran

Nov 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Signs of the Times (click on article name)

Israel has repeatedly warned the Islamic Republic — and the rest of the world — that it will not allow Iran to complete its nuclear development program and create an atomic weapon to be aimed at the Jewish State.

“We all understand that the best way of coping [with the Iranian nuclear threat] is through international sanctions]” Ashkenazi told an interviewer on IDF Army Radio. However, he added, “Israel has the right to defend itself, and all options are open.”