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Psalm Chapter 12: Prayer of David

Mar 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Psalms, Verse by Verse --Studies led by Br. Frank Shallieu (Click on Book name)

Not only are the words of Jehovah refined seven times, but so is the individual who absorbs the truth of those words—he is refined seven times to bring forth a righteous character.


Amos Chapter 2: Sins Continued

Jan 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Amos, Verse by Verse --Studies led by Br. Frank Shallieu (Click on Book name)

Notice the continuing expression: “For three transgressions … and for four.” These words were used for each of the nations surrounding Israel who were due for judgment. We are not to try to find three or four actual transgressions for each. Rather, the point is that Moab and the other nations had a history of transgressions and would, therefore, be judged.


Genesis Chapter 15: Abraham’s Vision and Promise

Nov 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Genesis, Verse by Verse --Studies led by Br. Frank Shallieu (Click on Book name)

For Abram’s seed to be a “stranger” (verse 13) meant being a foreign resident in the land. In contrast, a “sojourner” just passed through or stayed temporarily and thus lacked rights; that is, he had no roots in the land. God was saying to Abram, “You are a stranger in the land as far as others are concerned but not from my standpoint. This land is yours. You have rights in the land, but it will not appear that way. Later you will inherit the land.”

Abram was told his seed would be a stranger in Egypt, and for 215 years, the Israelites were in Egypt. Also, from the covenant with Abram to Jacob’s entering Egypt was a period of 215 years. Hence a total of 430 years, starting when the covenant was first made with Abram, passed until the Exodus. The “four hundred years” here are round numbers, for Exodus 12:40,41 and Galatians 3:17 specifically state the time period as 430 years. God promised Abram the land when he stepped into Canaan, but Abram did not inherit it then. Abram was a sojourner, and the period of sojourning of the Israelites was 430 years.