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Revelation Chapter 4

Mar 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Revelation, Special Features (click on Article name)

“After these things I saw, and behold a door opened in heaven, and the first voice which I heard, as of a trumpet, speaking with me, saying: Come up hither and I will show thee the things which must come to pass hereafter. Straightway I was in the Spirit.” [Revised Ver.] Revelation Chapter 4 When […]


1 John Chapter 2: Jesus our Advocate and Propitiation, Different Types of Sin, Antichrist

Feb 8th, 2010 | By | Category: 1st & 2nd & 3rd John, Verse by Verse --Studies led by Br. Frank Shallieu (Click on Book name)

John kept repeating and returning to the theme of keeping God’s commandments and trying to do His will. If that attitude characterizes our desire and walk, then (1) we know that we love God and (2) God will know that we love Him. Nevertheless, we have Jesus as our Advocate with the Father when we sin unintentionally. Otherwise, we would become very discouraged in trying to walk in the Son’s footsteps. God does judge our heart in these matters, but we have to recognize that Jesus’ blood covers our sins—that he was actually made in the flesh, died on the Cross, and is the propitiation for our sins. The Gnostics rejected John’s Gospel as a part of the Word. Certain heretics back there took only what they pleased and rejected the rest of the apostles’ writings. This selectivity was promoted by higher critics.


Our Advocate, The World’s Mediator

Jul 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Booklets (click on booklet name), Christian Doctrine, Prophetic Studies

God tells us that Jesus our Ransom will be mediator of a New Covenant to be testified in due time. As Christians, Jesus is our Advocate and not our Mediator, because through him and by him we have a standing with God and are not at odds. When will this New Covenant take effect? How many covenants are talked about in the Scriptures and when are they applicable? This booklet takes a look at the various covenants and also the sin offerings of the Day of Atonement and their true significance.


A Ransom for All

Mar 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Booklets (click on booklet name), Christian Doctrine

This very deep booklet covers the “Foundation” doctrine of Christianity. All other doctrines stand or fall when build upon this basic truth! Are you sure you understand the Doctrine of the Ransom? Study this on line to make sure!