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Genesis Chapter 2: Creation of Man

Jun 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Genesis, Verse by Verse --Studies led by Br. Frank Shallieu (Click on Book name)

The suggestion is that earth’s development was perfectly timed. Christ died here, on this small planet. And although earth’s development occurred relatively late in the physical creation, yet as far as human creation is concerned, it is the beginning of creation.

God has been very active not only with the earth but also elsewhere. Then He stopped His physical work, and we are in an interim period until earth’s society is brought into complete harmony with the Lord.


Baptism in a Round-about way.

Mar 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Character Studies, Doctrine

Sermon–Frank Shallieu–This sermon discusses Baptism from various aspects. First by looking at the Christian character, then by looking at different examples of baptism given in the Scriptures, beginning with the Flood in Noah’s day. We then see how Jesus expanded the meaning of baptism. It wasn’t only for the remission of sins anymore, which is why Jesus suffered it to be so that he was baptised, since he had nothing to repent of. Consider under the “new and living way” which Jesus opened up, the other significances of baptism. 1) Water, 2) Holy Spirit and 3) Blood.